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From antiquity forward, people have been drawn to the Lazio region because of the prospect of work in or near its most important city, Rome, which has almost always been seen as a place where the poor might be able to change their fortunes. As people migrate to an area, they bring their tastes in food with them, helping to shape the local palate. The cuisine of Lazio is characterized by the simplicity of traditional dishes and the use of very poor ingredients that are available to everyone.  Lazio is also said to produce Italy’s best olive oils.

 ~ olive oil tasting ~

Olio Quattrociocchi Olivastro ~ gaeta olive, fried green tomato caprese, basil puree

Iannotta Organic ~ castelvetrano olive, grilled artichoke, beef carpaccio

Frantoio Archibusacci ~ cerignola olive, scallop crudo, grilled shishito, lemon

Colli Etruschi ~ ligurian olive, blood orange sorbet, rosemary ash

2014 Principe Pallavicini Frascati


~ primi ~

Puré di Patate al Tartuffo~ potato puree, romano cheese, olive oil verde, shaved black truffle

Tripe alla Romano ~ stewed with cannellini beans, escarole, bacon

Grilled Artichoke ~ arugula, lemon, pecorino romano

Suppli ~ fried rice croquette, chicken liver, mozzarella

Mozzarella en Carrozza ~ fried mozzarella, anchovies, bread

2013Corte di Pape Lesanese Colli Tricchio

~ secondi ~

Cacio e Pepe ~ spaghetti, black pepper, romano cheese

Bucatini all’Amatriciana ~ spicy tomato, pancetta, fresno chili, caramelized onion

Oxtail and Polenta ~ soft polenta, oxtail ragout

Gnocchi alla Ciociara ~ sausage, peas, porcini, tomato ragout

Spring Lamb Fricassea ~ lamb stew, bearnaise sauce

2010 Falesco Assisi Rosso

~ dolci ~

Kiwi Gelato ~ buttermilk whipped cream, pine nut cookie

Crostata ~ meyer lemon, blackberry jam, ricotta, marsala reduction

2014 Vitiano Rose


Executive Chef ~ Josiah Henry

Chef de Cuisine ~ Steve Lanzilotti

Pastry Chef ~ Tabrina Avery