For 1 week each month, Vallozzis Pittsburgh is exploring exploring wine makers and cuisine from various regions in Italy. A special prix-fixe menu will be available with expert wine pairings for each mouthwatering course. Simply make your regular dinner reservation and select the Regional Wine Pairing Prix-Fixe Menu when you arrive. For dates, menus, and details, visit

Abruzzo Regional Menu

Prix Fixe $55

Add Wine Pairing $30

The traditional cuisine of Abruzzo; it is very wide and is originally from the traditions of both pastoral and mountainous inland areas that marinate in the coastal zone; among the foods most commonly used are: bread, pasta, meat, cheese and wine. The isolation that has characterized the region for decades has ensured that it maintained a culinary art alive and independent. Abruzzo boasts a cuisine distinct within Italy, well known for its variety and richness owing to the heterogeneity of its territory. The mountainous, agricultural, and coastal aspects of Abruzzo have contributed to its cuisine. Due to the mountains themselves, much of Abruzzese cuisine grew separated from the influence of international commerce and civilization until the 20th century, fostering a unique culinary tradition. 

 ~ antipasti ~

Scripelle ~ smoked chicken crepes, wild mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomato sauce

N’duja Raviolo ~ cherry tomato, arugula, egg, pecorino

Antipasta di Fegatini ~ chicken liver pate, grilled bread, arugula, pistachio pesto, scamorza

Fried Artichoke ~ smoked tomato chutney

*2014 Collefrisio Vinaquadra Passerina


~ primi ~

Lentil and Pastina Soup

Marinated Mushrooms ~ white anchovies, capers, romaine

Polpette di Quaglia in Brodo ~ quail meatballs, broth, stracciatella

*2013 Per Linda Trebbiano d’Abruzzo


~ secondi ~

Polpi in Purgatorio ~ grilled octopus, saffron risotto, tomato, peppers

Pizza Fritti ~ lamb sausage ragu

Baccala in Umido ~ fresh shrimp, potatoes, evoo, garlic, chili, black olive, onion

Gnocchi Carrati ~ bacon and pecorino infused gnocchi, cream, roasted bone-in short rib

*2013 Cataldi Madonna Malandrino Montepulciano


~ dolci ~

Pitzelle ~ chocolate, chick pea mousse, cherry compote

Plate of Traditional Wedding Cookies

*2013 Cataldi Madonna Cerasuolo Rose


Executive Chef ~ Josiah Henry

Chef de Cuisine ~ Steve Lanzilotti

Pastry Chef ~ Tabrina Avery